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Helping Point People To "The Way" John 14:6

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Compass Point is a newly started church plant made up of people who are seeking to know God more deeply and intimately in their lives.  We endeavor to do so through studying the Scriptures, yielding to the Holy Spirit in our lives, and loving one another in such a way that all people will know we are disciples of Jesus! (John 13:35)

Striving To Know God and One Another More Fully!

We desire to be people who show the watching world that we are Followers of Jesus Christ by the way we worship Him, obey Him, and love Him as we love one another.

Serious About The Bible

We believe the Bible is God's wholly inspired Word for us today, without error and needing to be our authority for all of life.  It is our primary way to know God and enjoy Him more completely.

Our Worship Times

10:00 AM

We encourage our church family to worship individually and continually throughout the week.  Whether driving their car, or at work while being the best employee or employer they can be, or doing chores around the house. Then we ask the entire church family to gather together for corporate worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM.  


15 East Church Street, Dillsburg,  PA. 17019



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