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Our Church Staff

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SENIOR PASTOR-  Neil Olcott is our founding pastor and he has a deep desire to see people grow as disciples of Jesus and show that reality by their love for one another. Having pastored churches for over 38 years, Neil has seen a lot of good in the church and, unfortunately, much that was unbiblical and lacked grace and love. So, with the help of dear friends, and after much prayer, Compass Point was born.  Pastor Neil has a BA in Biblical Studies, and both an M.Div and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. 


Sarah is passionate about making church a fun and safe place for kids to learn about how much God loves them. She believes that church belongs as much to children as to adults and that church should be a place where kids love to come. Sarah is a graduate of Wheaton College where she met her husband Sean. She also earned her Master's of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. 

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Emilee Alima is our Worship Director and her role is to oversees the Worship Leadership Team in regard to recruiting, scheduling, and equipping the weekly Worship Leaders when their week to lead is scheduled.  Emilee is a school teacher by day and is married to her husband, Hugo.  They have two wonderful children, Eden and Hosea.  Emilee has been a part of our worship team for several years and leads worship some Sunday mornings as well. 


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